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  • Quality Assurance

    Excellent Product Quality

    Changhai Company regards product quality as the life of the enterprise and is committed to providing customers with high-quality innovative products. The company has passed the BRC global packaging material standard, ISO9001 quality system standard, ISO22000 food safety management system standard, ISO14001 environmental management system standard, and has achieved informatization and digitalization of the entire production and operation process through the ERP system and flexible production system.

    Our company has a 100,000-level GMP workshop and a 10,000-level microbiology laboratory covering more than 4,000 square meters.

    The group’s subsidiaries have formed a relatively complete upstream and downstream industrial chain, which can provide customers with various packaging and printing product solutions; at the same time, the group’s five packaging-related material subsidiaries can produce aluminum coatings, high-barrier alumina coatings, Packaging materials such as BOPP film and PE blown film can control the quality of printed composite packaging film from the source of the material.

    • BOPP film

    • Pharmaceutical packaging

    • Pet food packaging

    • Daily chemical product classification

    • PE film

    • Color printing

    • Aluminized film

    • Food packaging

    • Daily necessities packaging

    • Hygiene product film

    • Other


    Advanced production equipment

    Changhai has successively introduced advanced flexible packaging equipment from Japan, Italy, and Germany, such as Italian Bobst laminating machines, Japanese Rock printing presses, and Italian Nordmec’s solvent-free laminating machines. At present, the group has 10 internationally advanced printing composite flexible packaging production lines, including GMP standard construction, cleanliness of 100,000 grades of composite film production lines for pharmaceutical packaging; introduction of 10 international advanced aluminized film production lines, 2 international advanced Bopp film production lines ; There are also 2 flexographic printing production lines.

    Technological Innovation

    Leading technological innovation ability
    Technological Innovation

    In 2018, the company used the opportunity of the relocation of the new factory to invest in the establishment of a testing center on the basis of the original production testing laboratory. It has successively introduced a number of applications such as a 10,000-level clean bench, a microbiological laboratory, a barrier tester, and a meteorological colorimeter. Cutting-edge testing equipment for product development and production control.

    The company and Zhejiang University and other well-known colleges and universities have formed a cooperative relationship of production, learning, and research to ensure and strengthen the company's technical position in the industry.

    At present, the company has independently developed more than 40 projects and obtained 10 invention patents and more than 70 utility model patents.

    • Mark label

      Mark label

      Description: Has a label that can be used as a personal mark

      Innovative nature: shape + material structure innovation

    • Window packaging (cover or bag)

      Window packaging (cover or bag)

      Description: Aluminized bag, barrel body or cover film surface opens a transparent window to display the contents

      Innovative nature: shape + material structure innovation

    Patent Certificate

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